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Searching for a media gallery script to handle your website images and videos uploaded by your website users, or for a YouTube script to automatically import and organize YouTube videos on various topics? WSN Gallery can resize and edit photos, convert videos to play in the integrated flash player for a YouTube-style video site, or embed videos from YouTube itself. Use it stand-alone or integrate with an existing community. With a decade of proven support and services, you can rely on WSN Gallery.

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Without a doubt the most comprehensive, advanced, and most easily customizable gallery script on the market. Does much more need to be said?
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WSN Gallery version 9.1.11 was released on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 with these changes:

  • Fixed manual editing of sponsor status on listings.
  • Fixed error for certain blank searches.
  • Fixed problem with field names containing modifiers in the middle.
  • Guest listing claim system now goes through validation with reason.

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