WSN Gallery

WSN Gallery for Wordpress

Do you have a Wordpress website you'd like to add a powerful and flexible directory to? WSN Gallery is now available as a plugin for Wordpress.

This plugin is still experimental and under devleopment at the moment. Please send problem reports, feedback and suggestions to support.

Download WSN Gallery For Wordpress Plugin

Download the wsngalleryforwordpress.php by clicking the button above, then upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ subdirectory of your Wordpress installation. Then go to the plugins page in your Wordpress admin panel to activate it. It will automatically create a copy of WSN Gallery as a subdirectory of your Wordpress named 'links', and it will add a link to that to any Wordpress primary navigation menu you have. The installed copy will use Wordpress membership info (including your Wordpress admin login) and will wrap everything in your Wordpress theme.